Should multiflora rose be controlled?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello! I was wondering what your opinion was on multiflora rose as cover and/or natural browse? I seem to have alot of it on one side of my farm and I have seen deer browsing on it, bedding in or around, and one mature buck spends his daytime in a large patch that is almost impenetrable. I had recently read that there is some disease spreading fairly quick that is killing the plant and I was wondering if I should spend any time trying to help or eradicate the plant from my area. Thanks


Multiflora rose is an invasive, exotic species from Japan.  It tends to spread without stopping.  For more information, check out:

I haven’t heard of a disease that’s killing multiflora rose. 

Some wildlife will use it for cover, but usually prefer native vegetation more!  I’ve spent considerable time trying to kill all of it on my place.  Whether to kill it or not probably depends on what vegetation will replace it? If there’s a native seed bank, then it’s probably best to remove multiflora rose. If by removing multiflora rose allows a more invasive exotic to populate then it may be best to simply try to keep it from spreading.

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November 24, 2015