Should I try to grow mature deer on my 70 acres in Upstate South Carolina?

By Grant Woods,

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Dear Growing Deer Staff

I live in Upstate South Carolina and I am blessed that my family has 70 acres and I have question for you guys. Should I try to grow and manage mature dear being my property is between houses and a major highway, I am the only person who hunts my property and I do not think they are any trespassers. I have food sources and I have great natural habitat I think, I also have a swap with the river on my property. I just don’t want to waste my time and money.

Thank for you time
Ryan King


Tracy and I used to live near Abbeville, South Carolina!  

I know several folks that do a great managing deer on similar sized properties!  Much of their (and your) success is influenced by what happens on the neighboring properties.  If the neighbors tag every yearling buck they can you may be facing an uphill battle to produce mature bucks.  If there’s light hunting pressure in the neighborhood then I suspect you can make great progress!

Based on your picture it seems some bucks are surviving to maturity!  That’s a great sign you program can be successful!  

If you enjoy the process of managing deer and habitat there’s nothing to lose.  The rewards of watching the process will justify the cost.  Tagging a mature buck will be a bonus!

Enjoy creation,