Should I till or just drill the Summer Release right into the dead vegetation?  

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Question: Thank you so much for airing the Food Plot tips.  What a tremendous help and education for the future of the soil.  I am getting ready to plant the Summer Release in my perennial fall planted clover at a reduced rate for the summer.  There shouldn’t be any conflicts with the seed should it?  I have also terminated my Fall annual blend crop to plant the summer release at the recommended rate.  Should I till for the last time or just drill the Summer Release right into the dead vegetation?

Thank you for all you do for the average hunter/wildlife preserver trying to learn and do the right thing!!
Answer: Clover is a very competitive crop, especially if it’s a lush stand.  I doubt any crop drilled into the clover will do well unless the clover is controlled.  There’s no need to disk the plots where the fall crop has been terminated.  Disking will only serve to allow weeds to germinate.  Rather, I recommend you drill the seeds directly into the terminated vegetation.