Should I tag does after November 30th?

By Grant Woods,

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To shoot or not to shoot? That is my question. Scenariov After November 30, shoot a doe or not? My thinking, 90% of does have been bread by then. They might be carring the next world rwcord buck. Also I hve seen does with 2 fawns. I think spring 2015. Is it smart to let her walk for the future of the fawns or will they be able to fend for them selves by then? Trying to think of the animal, not just myself. Plus, I rather enjoyed wathing the deer.


With wild critters we manage populations not individual animals.  The decision to harvest does should be the balance between the herd’s health and the habitat quality.  If there is more quality forage during the late summer and late winter (the two common stress periods) then there’s less need to harvest a lot of does. If there’s more deer than quality forage (not just food but quality forage) than good managers will harvest does so the remainder of the herd has access to plenty of groceries.  In herds with plenty of quality forage year round does will typically carry twins. Survival of the twins depends on habitat quality, the number of predators, etc.  

I recommend you consider the herd and habitat quality and make your decision based on what’s best for the herd.

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January 10, 2016