Should I plant a mix of timothy, alfalfa, and clover in a small food plot in West Virginia?

By Grant Woods,

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My name is Zach Sloneker, and I live in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia and plan on putting in a small 15×30 yard food plot. I was thinking about mixing Timothy, Alfalfa, and Clover. Although, about 85 yards away, there is a gas-line with red and white clover on it. But before I plant anything, I want to do a soil test, and I have no clue on where to start this procedure?


Deer very rarely are attracted to or eat any pasture grasses such as timothy.  I don’t recommend planting timothy to attract deer.  Alfalfa is very difficult to maintain. There are many insects that damage alfalfa.  

I suggest you plant quality white clover and forage wheat as a cover crop or use Eagle Seed’s Broadside blend.  You’ve seen us tag many deer over the Broadside blend!

You can see step by step instructions of how to collect a soil sample at:

I really enjoy creating and hunting near hidey hole plots!  I wish you well with yours!

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December 21, 2015