Should I only plant cool season crops on my 40 acre farm in northern Missouri?

By Grant Woods,

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I have cleared a two acre plot on my40 acre ne missouri farm
I live out of state and can not make extra trips to tend the plot. What would you suggest to plant on this two acres …something similar to pure attraction and frigid forage in late july or risk it and plant soybeans?
Should I wait and plant it in the fall so weeds wouldn’t be as much a problem?


If the mission for the food plot is to attract deer during hunting season than a cool season (planted during the late summer) forage may work great!  You are wise to match the forage type with your mission for the plot and the resources (time, etc.).  

I prefer Eagle’s Seeds Broadside blend as it includes forage types that are palatable during the early, mid, and late season.

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January 31, 2016