Should I hunt where I might alert deer?

By Grant Woods,

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On the property I hunt there are two natural bedding locations relatively close to one another with a food source in between them. One of the bedding areas is to the North of the food source and the other is to the South. Given that the deer are likely to come from the bedding areas either from the North or the South, should I only hunt this stand when there is an East or West wind? Or, is it also ok for me to hunt when there is a North or South wind and only expect to see deer from one bedding area or the other on such days (given that the deer to the downwind bedding area will smell me)? The property I hunt is fairly small and I have a limited number of stand locations so it would increase my ability to hunt significantly if I could hunt North and South winds as well as East and West. I’d hate to spook deer from using the food source though.. Your thoughts?

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Beau Fugitt


Deer that are alerted repeatedly tend to avoid those areas during daylight hours. I recommend avoiding alerting deer when possible. This may mean moving your stands off the food source and closer to each bedding area.  Depending on wind direction you may hunt morning or afternoons and then when there is an east or west wind you may be able to hunt closer to the food source without alarming deer.  

Remember alerting deer during your approach and exit are just as damaging as alerting them while you are hunting so plan your travel routes carefully.

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January 9, 2016