Should I hinge cut burr oaks?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Grant and thanks for your offseason help, such a blessing. Thank you again. I know your not a huge proponent of hinge cutting but it does seem as if has its places around our varying woodlots. Mother natures balance is so delicate. I have been working a grove of burr oaks for some years now and its time to thin. There are some young oaks that need to go. I would love to hinge cut them and have their benefit for a few more years hinged but afraid of oak wilt. I know theres a sucseptable period for the disease, but afraid of the wound not healing by spring. How worried should I be of the wilt. Have a wonderful offseason.


What benefit do you expect out of the hinge cut oaks?  If the oaks are young acorn production will be minimal.  Bur oak forage isn’t as valuable as the likely forb species that would grow if enough sun is allowed to reach the soil.  There may be more to your mission than I understand.

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February 7, 2016