Should I frost seed clover now in Ohio or wait and plant during May?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant, I have an 80 acre farm in NE Ohio. This winter I cleared an acre on a west-facing hillside that I want to put in a clover food plot. Right now, it is bare soil. But anytime I open the canopy, multi floral rose comes in thick. My question is, what is the best planting option for a new stand of clover? Should I frost seed soon, then deal with whatever comes up from the seed bank… Or should I wait to see what comes up, then spray and rework the soil and then plant in May? Also, could you give me your fertilizer recommendation? The ph is, surprisingly , neutral. Thanks in advance…


I’m a bit concerned about establishing clover on a west facing slope. Clover needs more soil moisture than many forage crops and west facing slopes then to lose more moisture to evaporation than north or east facing slopes. I share this information so you might watch and see how the stand progresses.  

I’d go ahead and broadcast the clover (frost seed) now.  You can spot treat any multiflora rose that comes up with glyphosate.  I’ve had good success when broadcasting clover in snow.  

Be sure and add the appropriate amounts of fertilizer!