Should I disk in the Eagle Seed forage soybeans before planting the Broadside blend?

By Grant Woods,

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I am creating a new small food plot but Because of how poor my soil content is (rocky acidic) would it be a wise move to plant eagle seed soybeans in the spring and disk it in the fall before planting my broadside to kinda put some organic matter into my soil, or would that be totally pointless?

Thanks, Mason



There’s no need to “disk in” the standing soybeans.  Disking does much more harm than good. Disking adds much oxygen to the soil and causes the organic matter to break down very quickly!  A better approach (and what I do at The Proving Grounds) is to simply broadcast the Broadside blend over the standing Eagle Seed soybeans.  This system has several advantages.

I want deer to be conditioned to always eating from my plots.  Disking removes all forage and causes deer to need to go elsewhere to feed. I call this cleaning the table.  To avoid cleaning the table I simply broadcast the Broadside into the standing beans and allow it to germinate while deer are still feeding on the beans!  This system is faster and less expensive than disking.  In addition, it doesn’t force deer to feed elsewhere.

This system will also result in building up more organic matter than disking!!

Any remaining beans will produce pods which adds another quality food source during the winter!  To learn more about this technique check out:

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January 23, 2016