Should bush honeysuckle be piled or left spread out before using prescribed fire in the area?

By Grant Woods,

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I have started my war on honeysuckle where I hunt. Today I cleared about a half acre, would you suggest making large brush piles or leaving the brush scattered? Would I be better off burning the areas that I clear or seeing what happens when sunlight actually gets to the ground? Thank you for the response and keep up the good work growing deer!


I’m glad to hear you are actively controlling honeysuckle!  Piling obviously takes more energy but will like result in better consumption of the debris.  Piles produce a lot more heat and this intense heat will damage near by trees.

Leaving spread out and then doing a whole areas prescribed fire will have less risk of damaging trees left on the site and do more to stimulate the seedbed to germinate.  My preference would be to use prescribed fire if you have the training and permission.  

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February 5, 2016