Setting a Bow’s Draw Length

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My bow has draw length from 17-30 and its draw weight is from 16-52. Can you estimate on which draw length I should put it if I want 35 draw weight?



I’m assuming your bow is a compound. If that’s a correct assumption, then the drawn length should be set to ensure it fits your stance and comfort level. Setting the draw length should be independent of the bow’s draw weight.

Next, the bow’s draw weight should be set at a level that you can shoot comfortably, without straining during longer practice sessions. If you plan to hunt with this bow, it’s critical the weight is set so you can smoothly draw the bow after you’ve remained cold and still for extended periods of time.

Going to a local bow shop or getting with a friend that has the proper tools for setting up a bow (bow press, level, scale, range, etc.) is a great way to get a bow set up correctly.

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