Same Buck Year to Year?

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Dear Dr. Grant,

As always, I appreciate your advice and help on questions. How old do you think this deer is? To me some parts of him say one thing and other parts another. Both pictures are the same deer with different views. This deer has been on our property for 3 years now and each year he has been the same size at 7 points. This year’s rack is still the same size but a touch different (still 7 points). He does look close enough that it has me wondering if it’s him or another deer younger.



P.S. – This is an example on how good the camera is, thanks for the camera advice.


I zoomed in on both images and believe both pictures are of the same deer.  It is interesting how the early morning image makes the buck look older.  This is just one of those examples where factors such as day vs. night, buck’s orientation, etc., can make two images of the same buck look slightly different.  I always try to have at least two high quality images of a buck to identify it as a unique individual, especially during my annual camera surveys.

A great feature of the Reconyx units is that the image quality holds up very well even when the image is expanded several times.

Growing Deer together,