Reconyx Trail Cameras

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Hi Grant,

Earlier tonight I took the challenge and bought a semi-covert Reconyx camera, the one that’s $450.00.  This might be a dumb question, but do think this will be a good camera?  My other question is do you think cameras with regular flashes bother deer greatly?  One reason I bought this camera is my “other” cameras have flashes and I truly believe they bother the deer.  Heck, they bother me when I walk by them.




I really, really enjoy using Reconyx trail cameras!!  Since I began using the Reconyx semi-covert models I’ve collected literally 100’s of images of deer bedded in food plots.  I’ve used different brands of cameras at these same plots in the past and almost never captured an image of a bedded deer, let alone deer bedded for more than two hours continuously.  It’s enjoyable to watch one deer get up and feed while the others remain bedded and learn exactly when and where they enter and exit food plots.  Reconyx semi-covert units have helped me to pattern and manage deer better.  I’m sure you will be as satisfied as I am.

Growing Deer together,