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My name is Seth and I am the private lands conservationist technician for Fremont and Mills counties in Iowa.  What information or literature would you recommend to look at from a management standpoint regarding white-tailed deer?  I wish to educate myself so I can help landowners with questions they have regarding this matter.  I would really appreciate it.




There are many sources of information that may be of value.  Some of the sources may not be directly related to white-tailed deer.  For example, there are several sources of information about prescribed fire, soil fertility, etc., that are not considered specific to deer management.  The Quality Deer Management Association produces a great magazine titled Quality Whitetails that includes lots of deer and habitat information.  You might check out my book, “Deer Management 101,” as a source of deer population management information.  We also host multiple field days annually at The Proving Grounds for hands on deer and habitat information.

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