Protecting Trail Cameras

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I had the unfortunate experience of having my trail cameras stolen this year.  I am not sure what was worse losing 4 weeks of pictures or losing my cameras.  I know most camera companies make bear/theft cases for their cameras, which I was not using.  I have friends where people have damaged their camera in a bear case because they knew their picture had been taken.  I am not on my property everyday to watch over it.  Other than getting the Sherriff involved (as I have done), what do you recommend to protect your cameras from someone looking to steal them?




I’m sorry for your loss!  I have no tolerance for folks that trespass or steal!  It seems you’ve done all you can do except attempt to hide the cameras better.  I really like using the time lapse feature if watching fields or open areas.  Trespassers rarely look 10’ in trees for trail cameras and being able to watch the entire field is a huge benefit!  It’s like having your best buddy watch the field, except the cameras have very little smell, don’t move, don’t make any noise, and don’t lie.  If the model of trail camera you use has a time lapse feature, consider giving that a try.

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