Help with Prescribed Fire

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I want to do a prescribed fire after I spray the weeds/grass. I intend to plant soybeans, clover, etc. for deer and turkey on approximately 30 acres of pasture. Who can I contact to assist me (I have no experience with prescribed fire)?


David (Arkansas)


Prescribed fire is a great tool, but it can also be dangerous and even deadly. I helped combat a wildfire recently that was started by folks attempting to do a prescribed fire that didn’t have sufficient training, knowledge, or equipment. You are wise to seek assistance!

Many state and federal agencies provide workshops for prescribed fire planning and implementation. Some states require participants to be certified before they can help with prescribed fire. I’m not sure what the policy is in Arkansas, but a call to your local county or forestry extension office should provide you with the correct information and hopefully an opportunity for training! Don’t dare drop a match without help or adequate training!

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