Preparing to Plant with a No-Till Drill

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How short do the grass and weeds need to be when using a no-till drill after roundup?  Do you fertilize before or after you no-till drill?



The residual vegetation should be dead and thin/short enough that a no-till drill can cut through the vegetation and place the seed at the appropriate depth.  Hence, the vegetation type, weight of the drill, speed the drill is pulled, etc., are all factors.

Generically speaking, the shorter the vegetation, the better the seed to soil contact will be.  I have a 10’ drill that weighs about 6,000 pounds empty.  I can drill through 8” tall winter wheat that has been killed with glyphosate, but must drive a bit slower than if drilling through short soybean stubble.  The amount of soil moisture and the soil’s texture are also factors.  For example, sandy soil is much easier to drill into that dry clay.

A final tip is to ensure the drill is closing the furrow that the coulter opened.  Sometimes excessive duff on the ground keeps the packing wheel from closing the furrow and leaves the seed exposed.

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