Mature Buck Sightings

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Hi Grant,

First of all I’d like to say thanks because I’ve learned a lot from you and you have made me a much better outdoorsman!  I’ve been fortunate enough to harvest some pretty impressive whitetails over the years.  I’ve been bowhunting for about 12 years now and I’m obsessed with the sport.  I love watching and studying their behaviors and quirks!  I recently got permission to hunt some land that hasn’t been hunted in about 5 years.  I’ve seen plenty of deer (early October thru the present) but no shooter bucks yet….  I’m looking for 150+ mature bucks.  I’m huge in scent elimination and never wear my hunting clothes in vehicles or anywhere but the woods!  I always play the wind and will get down if the wind changes for the bad.  There is plenty of water and food for them, the rut is starting to heat up, and all I’m seeing are little bucks chasing and cruising for does.  Should I scratch this spot for the rest of this season?




It sounds like you use great hunting techniques and have a good hunting location!  Many folks are discussing the lack of mature bucks observed cruising this year.  I wouldn’t give up on your spot!!  If there’s good habitat, limited hunting pressure, and an area large enough for mature bucks to survive neighbors that might not practice passing yearling bucks, there will be mature bucks.  Consider using some Reconyx trail cameras to capture images of mature bucks without spooking them.  Then you will have the confidence to hunt the area and know which areas the bucks are using.

Growing Deer together,