Manure as Fertilizer

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Hello Grant,

Have you made use of good old fashion manure as a fertilizer?  I am aware of the Antler Dirt product but was curious about spreading manure from everything from poultry to horses.  What are your thoughts?



I have used raw poultry litter, cow manure, and horse manure as fertilizer.  Whenever using any source of fertilizer it is best to know the analysis which will allow you to know the amount of nutrients available.  Knowing the amount of nutrients available is critical so you know how much to put down.  There is always a chance of introducing pests or even disease when using raw manure vs. composted products.  However, these problems can usually be avoided by obtaining manure from clean sources.  Manure from sources with unclean barns is likely to have pests or disease present.  However, if the barn is kept clean I would have no problem using it.

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