Low or No Glow for Trail Cameras

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Dr. Grant,

Which specific model of Reconyx camera do you use?  I notice the Reconyx HyperFire Semi-Covert camera has a low-glow feature when working in IR mode, vs. no glow at all on the Reconyx HyperFire Output Covert model.  Obviously, no glow is best so you do not run the risk of spooking game, but that camera costs $100 more.  Do you think it’s worth it?  I’d just as well go with the semi-covert model and save some money unless you feel differently based on experience.  Thanks for your advice!



I currently use both the Reconyx HyperFire Semi-Convert and HyperFire Output Convert units.  I haven’t had any known problems with deer being spooked by the low glow units.  In fact, I have gads of images of deer bedded for hours at a time with the low glow units.  One deer will get up and browse while the others remain bedded.

If I was using them on public land, I might go for the no glow units.

Growing Deer together,