Learning the Movement Patterns of Deer

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Hello!  This past winter I started leasing 1,000 acres near Gainesville, Missouri.  We are trying to learn the patterns/movements of the deer on our property.  What are some efficient ways to go about this?



At The Proving Grounds we have Reconyx trail cameras out year round.  We have cameras placed on food plots, mineral licks, saddles, pinch points, etc.  From these cameras we archive all mature buck pictures in Reconyx image software.  Their software is phenomenal at allowing me to literally see every picture of each buck on an aerial photo of the property and each successive movement from camera-to-camera site.

When placing cameras I like to keep them as close to vehicle access as possible to limit disturbance as I check them.  Several of my cameras are checked right out my truck window.  Since truck traffic is a normal part of daytime activities on The Proving Grounds I can practice minimal disturbance entry (M.D.E.).  Once I determine the general movements of the herd I then start scouting until I find high quality sign.  After the hunting season closes is a great time to find hot trails, rubs, scrape lines, and even shed antlers that further help me to formulate a plan for the next season.  Trail cameras allow me to scout without disturbing the entire property – a key to patterning and harvesting mature bucks!

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