Is there a herbicide that will control grass and broadleaf weeds without harming clover and chicory?

By Grant Woods,

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we have several durana clover/chicory food plots. is there anything that can be sprayed on the plots to eliminated the grass and weeds without harming the clover and chicory.


I’m not aware of a herbicide or combo of herbicides that will control grasses and broadleaf weeds with harming either the clover or chicory.  

I use a grass-specific herbicide (like Clethodim or Poast Plus) to control the grasses and spot spray the broadleaf weeds with glyphosate.

Grass-specific herbicides will control grasses much better if used before the grasses are eight inches tall.

We often use backpack sprayers to apply both the grass-specific and glyphosate herbicides and apply the herbicides separately.

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November 15, 2015