Is there a forage crop that will grow well in standing water?

By Grant Woods,

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I own a 50 acres in a big harwood wetland swamp (2000 acres) surround by bean and corn field .
80% of the tree was mature red maple .

I project to cut one or 2 acres this winter.

And cut mature tree to let the sun hit the ground

Did you no something i can plant in a soil like that ?

And what the besttimber management can i do?

The land came dry in august and came back wet in late september.(see picture in attachement).

Tanks for the attention to my questions.



I’m not aware of any forage crop that deer prefer that grows well in standing water or saturated soils.  I suggest you focus on the highest ground on your property!  If the highest ground floods frequently you might consider cutting trees and establishing cover versus a food plot.

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January 31, 2016