Is there a difference in shot placement from a ground blind compared to a tree stand?

By Grant Woods,

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I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for most of the summer and have learned quite a bit. I was wondering if you ever made a video on shot placement from elevated stands vs ground blinds. I was also wondering about a handful of videos I’ve watched where the deer was shot with a bow,not necessarily quartering towards the shooter and was hit in front of the shoulder and each one of them died in less than 60 yards.Not that I would intentionally take aim for that spot but im trying to learn what they hit to make this possible. Thank you for your time and keep up the great work and thank your staff for me also.


Thank you for watching GrowingDeer!  We can and do share a lot more information at than we can on YouTube.  We release a new episode every Monday morning at 630 am Central time.

I aim at the same spot from both a ground blind and tree stand.  I aim at the bottom third of the deer just behind the shoulder.  I hug the shoulder tight as the primary leg bone is at an angle toward the deer’s head.  I’d rather be a touch forward than back.  

I don’t take shots with a bow at deer that are strongly quartering toward me.  It’s possible to bust through the shoulder, but I believe the animal deserves more respect than to take a risky shot.

My stands are rarely more than 20-22′ high.  This allows the arrow trajectory to pass through both lungs.  

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