Is Roundup herbicide dangerous?

By Grant Woods,

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Just wondering if Grant has considered using non gmo seeds and getting away from pesticides and go more organic with his deer feeding program. Roundup is a dangerous chemical. I suggest he does some research on sustainable agriculture for his deer patches.


Decades ago there were some very dangerous herbicides commonly used.  However, modern herbicides are very safe!  I doubt any herbicide or crop tool has been researched more that Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup).  Even with all that research there’s never been one scientific publication to my knowledge that found anything damaging to wildlife about Roundup Ready crops. Even Readers Digest published recently that there’s never been one study that showed any danger from GMO crops.

Millions of deer have consumed GMO crops for more than a decade without one reported negative result.  

Roundup Ready crops have helped farmers save millions of tons of dirt from being eroded due to reducing the need to cultivate for weed control, etc.  In addition, millions of gallons of diesel fuel were saved due to reducing trips through fields.   

If you find a scientific, peer reviewed paper that shows different results, please share with me! I’d certainly like know.

Currently there are way more benefits than liabilities to using GMO crops.  

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January 21, 2016