Is releasing domestic turkeys a bad idea?

By Grant Woods,

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Is buying turkeys from a hatchery to raise and then release onto your property a smart idea or a waste of money? Summary: We have a high fence whitetail operation on about 3000 acres. For the most part coyotes and hogs have been killed off. Possums, coons, and fox still roam around but currently working on reducing the population. Since they have small enough to slip through the high fence. There are some turkeys in the high fence but I want to increase the turkey population. Location is west Texas about an hour west of kerrville, tx. Love your videos and learning from y’all! Keep up the good work and look forward to hearing from y’all.


Releasing domestic turkeys is a bad idea.  They almost never survive!  The skills necessary to survive predators, find food, etc., has usually been bred out of domestic turkeys.  The survival released turkeys is very, very low.  In addition, releasing turkeys from a hatchery is illegal in most states as it should be.  Releasing birds from a hatchery is a very easy way to spread disease! 

Wild turkey populations tend to expand rapidly if the habitat quality is good. I’d suggest you work to improve the habitat and watch how fast the existing turkey population increases!

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February 21, 2016