Is it true Florida deer rut during September?

By Grant Woods,

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Grant sir, have you ever hunted Florida before? Is it true that the smaller Florida deer rut in September? Also, do you know at what point in history folks started to hunt whitetail something like we do today? I’m sure settlers loved them for sustenance but I’m curious when conservation, sport, and sustenance sort of blended together. Merry Christmas


Deer in Florida rut during late July and early August in the far south to February in the northern panhandle!  Deer in Florida have been recorded breeding during 11 months.  Typically the further south the less synchronized the rut.  

Deer in Florida are small due to poor nutrition. Some of my clients in Florida commonly tag 150″ bucks as a result of providing good quality habitat!  

Pennsylvania was the first state to have a game commission and active wildlife management.  The pennsylvania Game Commission is more than 100 years old!  My home state of Missouri stated a state wildlife department 76 years ago. There were active conservation minded citizens before these commissions started.  

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December 10, 2015