Is it OK to apply lime on top existing vegetation?

By Grant Woods,

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I have a 5-6 acre field that is an old pasture with about 1 acre of failed food plot attempt. We had a soil test done and it said to plant soybeans we needed 1250 lbs of lime per acre and 114lbs of potash. My question is we are planning on having the local co op add the lime in which they have a minimum of 8 tons so we would be at the mercy of when they could fit us in to their schedule. Is it ok to have the lime added on top of the current vegetation that is in the field? We will probably plant 1-2 acres using no till and eagle seed soybeans. And is it ok to add the lime on top of an existing clover plot without discing it in?


I’m very proud of you for doing a soil test!!  It’s fine to apply lime on top existing vegetation, especially this time of year.  Standard ag lime requires months to fully react with the soil so applying now is a great practice!

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January 6, 2015