Is August early for deer to be using scrapes in Brooks County, Georgia?

By Grant Woods,

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I have a property that I hunt in brooks county ga. I noticed a number of fresh scrapes on the property last week on August 27th.
Isn’t this unusually early as the bucks are still in velvet? Also ..whats the likelihood they were made by mature bucks?
Thanks Craig


Deer will use scrapes year round. The frequency of using scrapes increases most just before does are receptive.  Deer often only use the overhanging limb portion of scrapes this time of year.  If the soil is wet, the ground will appear worn under the limb.  

Deer of both genders and all ages uses scrapes to communicate.  Without personal observation or using a trail camera it’s just a guess of the deer’s gender and maturity that are using the scrapes.

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