Is an acorn producing oak next to a corn field a good location?

By Grant Woods,

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im getting a new stand after Christmas so it’ll be on sale. I think I have a good oak tree that was loaded with acorns this past year. I only have 30 acres of huntable land and want to get the most out of every time I hunt. The oak tree is on a heavy travel strip. Would that be a golden spot especially since it’s also on the edge of a corn field?
Hunter from KY


I like your plan!  Remember that oaks don’t always produce acorns each year.  I also suspect the farmer will occasionally rotate to soybeans.  As the acorn production and crop rotation changes deer patterns may change.  I suggest you monitor the deer sign and adjust the stand location accordingly.

I want you to have a quality safety harness!  If you don’t please purchase one of those before you purchase a stand!  Way to many folks fall from tree stands!  Please be safe!

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December 16, 2015