Is a 50 by 30 yard spot close to a swamp a good location for a food plot?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Dr. Grant i found a spot that is about 50 yards by 30 yards and i have a swamp behind it but it needs to be cleared and the soil is dry.Is this a good spot for a food plot and should i use a hot zone fence.?


From what I know, it sounds like a great Hidey Hole food plot location!  Deer probably use the swamp for cover and feed elsewhere!  I’ve had great success putting Hidey Hole plots between food and cover.

50 x 30 yards about a third of an acre.  Deer can remove forage from such a plot quickly. It would be a good idea to protect the forage with a Hot Zone fence and allow the forage to produce some tonnage before deer begin browsing there.

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December 16, 2015