How/where do you suggest I hunt the 60 acre farm shown in these maps?

By Grant Woods,

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I’m wondering if you can help me on stand locations on my lease. Its basically all flat land with hwy 44 to the South and a farm road on the north. To the east and west are alfalfa fields. The property I hunt is approximately 60 acres and is about 35-40% wooded. The field on my lease is planted in Brome hay which the deer don’t seem to care for much. The woods are so thick that you can barely walk through much of it, and some is too thick to walk through at all. Briars and wild roses are everywhere.

The pond you will see on the overview is a dried up pond which only hold water 12″ or so after heavy rains. and the cut to the East by the neighbors big pond is my food plot which the back half is in clover and the rest is in sorghum. It just seems that the deer move all over and its hard to pattern them. I have 3 trail cameras out now, but they don’t seem to have a pattern.

I like the area on the East side where it gets narrow, but getting to it especially in the morning without spooking deer is my problem. Im just hoping for some advice from someone with more experience than myself as I never had anyone teach me and am trying to figure this out myself.


If you have permission I suggest creating a few hidey hole plots in the thick woods for next year.  In addition, create an entrance and exit path or paths that allow you to hunt with winds from different directions.  

I’d also checkout the corners of the large field on the lease. Deer often travel just inside timber near corners of large fields. 

Your observations are correct – deer rarely eat Timothy hay (or other grasses used for hay).  However, deer may certainly be using the thick cover where you hunt and I prefer the deer bed on the property where I hunt – as deer are typically bedded or near bedding areas during daylight hours.  

Finally, it’s critical that you (all of us) can approach, hunt, and exit the property without alerting deer. There may be some days you elect not to hunt due to wind direction, etc.

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November 11, 2015