How would you improve this 30 acre property?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Dr. Grant my question is that the property I hunt is about 30 acres and half of it is ag field that the farmer who leases the field plants corn, soybean, winter wheat and there is a lot of fields behind our property. I attached a picture and is outlined in white. The rest of the property use to be a pasture field 20 years ago and has grown up since so it has dense cover for em with some paths my step dad and I have made with atv and brush hog. Has some cedar trees and few small fruit trees which I have no clue how to take care of and do produce fruit but small fruit. We are trying to fig out what to plant to try to keep deer in this area. There is about 8 doe that stay here consistently but bucks do not really stay. Can you give any tips on how to manage this small acreage with what to plant, how to keep deer in the area and just overall any advice to make this place a whitetail haven.

Like I said there is good cover, bedding, water different food. I just need to know what I am missing or doing wrong that other then doe they don’t wanna stay here. Thank you Dr. Grant.

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It appears you hunt the largest block of cover in the area and that there are ag fields to the south (below the houses), west, and north.  I prefer to hunt cover as that’s where deer spend most of the daylight hours!  

I’d suggest developing a hidey hole (relatively small) plot near the north and south property borders.  I suspect deer will use these hidey hole plots as staging areas.  This would allow you to have a stand/blind for days when there is a north and south wind.  I wouldn’t venture very far into the property. I’d work to limit disturbance there and allow the deer to use this area as a sanctuary and hunt the edges where deer enter and exit the property.  

As time allows I’d develop a staging area that’s favorable for the hunter to access, hunt, and exit with a north, east, south, and west wind without alerting deer.  I suspect local bucks will use this area more once it’s managed as a sanctuary and they feel secure there.

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December 6, 2015