How would you hunt this eight acres?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Grant. I recently got into growing deer tv on youtube, I watch almost every day, Im a big fan and have learned a lot from you. I’ve been hunting for about 5 years now and I never harvested a buck. I’ve shot one and never recovered it a few years ago and had a few close encounters but that’s it. Im so determined to get my first buck and was hoping for a little guidance to maybe help that become a reality. I attached a photo of my property and the marker is where my tree stand is. The property is about 8 acres but it sits around hundreds of acres. The field to the top (North) is about 40 acres of open field and long grass. I try to hunt that stand on a SW or W wind. I know there’s some heavy cover near the bottom and middle of my property, South of my stand, where I assume they might bed. I was considering buying a climber to try out areas near those thick covers. Any advice on how to hunt this property better? Anything would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and good luck this season.

Chris Musumeci


It appears you have a good plan!  In addition to stand placement I’m very cautious about how I approach stands. I try very hard to approach, hunt, and exit stands without alerting deer.  I often have at least four stands or blinds (even blinds I make from vegetation) on each property so I can hunt during any wind direction. I also focus on how I should approach and exit each stand.

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October 27, 2015