How to plant soybeans with hand tools?

By Grant Woods,

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I recently got permission from a neighbor to hunt on his property and establish some small food plots. I am planning on planting some soybeans, and clover. I was wondering if you could tell me how to plant the soybeans with hand tools? It is just basically a test plot to see if black-tails will eat soybeans so it’s really pretty small.


Great question, that sounds like an exciting opportunity!

When planting soybeans it is critical to create a seedbed that will allow the seeds to germinate. This includes removing all of the debris and duff layer. Using rakes to rough the surface or grub the ground will be necessary.  Once that step is complete, I highly recommend broadcasting these soybeans during the rain or just prior to a heavy rain. This will allow the seeds to settle into the already prepared seedbed. You do not want to have the seeds covered by any more than 1/2 inch of dirt, but covered and not exposed is critical.

Even though this plot is small be sure to add fertilizer to this plot. This will help to jump start the young soybeans as the take off after germination.  

I hope you will keep us posted on this process. I am interested to know how quickly the black tail deer will consume the beans. 

Enjoying Creation,