How to Plant Fruit Trees

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Hello again Grant,

You for sure have the best how-to-videos I have seen yet!!

With seedling planting season just around the corner, or here for most people, do you plan on putting up a video to show people the correct way, time, weed control and places to plant wildlife friendly seedlings? Also, I notice on a lot of forums that people are planting more apple orchards and a how-to-video for them would be greatly appreciated by a lot of people. You could show them how to plant, cage, protect and care for them since they are a labor of love.

I prefer a fall planting (for my area) from nurseries that will ship to me in the fall, but the MDC nursery only ships in spring.



Thanks for the kind comments about! I literally film each week what I’m doing at the time. I don’t have a subject or production schedule. It’s simply what I’m working on at the time. With that said, I don’t plan to plant any trees for wildlife this spring.

The QDMA has published a few articles about establishing and maintaining fruit trees for wildlife. I found them very informative. I believe one of the articles was published last year.

Growing Deer together,