How to hunt small urban acreage?

By Grant Woods,

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What are your suggestions for hunting in tiny acreages or urban areas. I have permission to hunt on someone’s partially wooded lot that is 400 feet wide. Yes, 400 feet. I know it is a well traveled deer highway and I have trail camera pictures of multiple deer at different times of day and night. This is a bow hunt only situation. Thanks in advance!!


Mr. Cavender,

It appears you have done the necessary homework in scouting this trail that cuts through the property you have been granted permission to hunt. My largest suggestion would be to contact the neighbors to this property. Let them know that you will be on the property next door bow hunting. This will notify them of your presence so they will not be alarmed if they see you in the tree, avoiding any potential conflicts. Also be sure to gather their contact information in case you need to retrieve game from their property.

In addition, be sure hunt with the wind in your favor blowing your scent in the direction opposite from the way the deer will be traveling to your location. We use products to help control our scent in addition to hunting the favorable winds.

Growing deer together,