How to approach hunting a new property?

By Grant Woods,

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What is the best “Going In Blind” strategy when hunting new properties, without any scouting, knowing bedding areas, and main food sources? Going to hunt some new property this year after I was givin permission but I work a lot, and unable to scout all of them?


That is a great question! There are some great ways to identify huntable areas before ever stepping foot on the property. One of these ways is to acquire an aerial and topographical map of the property. When looking over these maps, look for areas where multiple areas of different habitats converge, like oaks, pines, creeks, and fields. Deer are creatures of the edge! They will often travel these edges, so hunting these areas where multiple edges come together will increase your odds. In addition to this, look for ridge tops, deer will often also travel on ridge tops where the wind is most consistent.

Once you have found these areas, prioritize them with the dominant wind for your area. It is important to approach, hunt, and exit each stand with the wind in your favor. In addition to hunting great locations, this will allow you to remain successful at these stands throughout the season.

I hope this will help you become successful as you start hunting these new areas!

GrowingDeer together,

-Matt Dye