How should I set my buck harvest criteria?

By Grant Woods,

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If an area has high hunting pressure and other other hunting are going by the “if it’s brown it’s down” philosophy, would it be best to shoot an immature buck?(2 1/2 years) I feel like if I don’t someone else will. I would like to let them get to a mature age but again other hunters are shooting anything with antlers.


I believe hunting should be fun!  It’s not much fun to hunt for something that’s not present.  I tend to set my buck harvest criteria based on the top 25% of bucks (by age class) for that area.  For example, if 25% or so of the most mature bucks harvested in an area are three years old then I hold out for a three year old or older buck.  

I also realize that I need to set the example in the local area.  So I don’t say one thing and practice another. If I encourage hunters to hold out for three year old bucks, I don’t harvest bucks less than three years old.

This example almost always results in other hunters following my lead and results in improved deer herd quality in the neighborhood.

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