How should I create a screen of vegetation to reduce the visibility into my property?

By Grant Woods,

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Grant, My property has a lot of road frontage that draws in the local road hunter, even while I’m hunting! What should I do to conceal the frontage and create cover for deer at the same time? I’m considering planting a few acres of pines or just letting nature take over and let the field grow. Pines cost a couple thousand dollars to plant while natural growth is free. What would you suggest and why? Thanks, Chad.


I really dislike trespassers and poachers.  

If the native vegetation will grow tall enough AND remain standing throughout the winter than that sounds like a good option. Often grasses will lay down during the late season and hardwood trees lose their leaves.  

If you are worried about the native vegetation providing enough protection, then planting pines may be an option.  If there’s a market in your area the pines should be considered an investment as they can be harvested and sold in 15 + – years!  

I often design bedding areas next to roads.  The thick, narly vegetation not only serves as visual screen, but also as a barrier for folks to walk through.  I like deer bedded by a road and them moving into the center of the property to feed.

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