How prevalent is raccoon predation on fawns?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello, I’ve been following your weekly videos for about a year now and they are very informative and helpful. On a couple videos I have heard you discuss coon predation on fawns. How prevalent is this, is it prevalent enough to really hone in on trapping coon or should they be targeted more for their predation on quail and turkey nests?


Multiple researchers have reported fawn hair in raccoon scat.  Raccoons are opportunistic feeders.  If other food sources are easier to obtain than fawns than I doubt raccoons take many fawns in that area.  However, fawns are a very easy high protein meal for a few weeks.  There’s often not many other high protein food sources that are as easy to obtain as fawns during that time of year. 

Currently raccoon pelt prices are very low.  Not many raccoons are being removed by fur trappers.  When there population is high they can have a substantial impact on local fawn populations!

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January 21, 2016