How old is this Maryland buck?

By Grant Woods,

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Although Pin Oaks are a red oak species which are less favored by deer, the often put off massive amounts of acorns per year, would you recommend them for a tree plot tree ? Also what would be your best guess on this bucks age? I got him on camera 2 years ago so i know he at least has to be 4. Thanks for the great webisodes and tips.

Grant Smith

Western Maryland


I tend to like prefer soft mass (fruits and berries).  There are usually plenty of acorns but fruits and berries are limited.  I like a variety of species so something will be ripe at different times throughout the season.  The more limited the preferred resource the easier it is pattern deer. I have some different fruit and acorn trees in my tree plot.  I got them from  

That’s a neat looking buck!  He’s neck merges with his chest at his brisket.  His chest sags below where his leg meets his shoulder and his shoulder and ham is well developed.  I estimate this buck is four years old and likely older.  

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October 9, 2015