How old is this buck from Sedalia, Missouri?

By Grant Woods,

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My Dad and I went out the other night to purchase a trail camera to see what new deer may be on our property. Our property is outside Sedalia, Mo and we knew that there had been big mature deer there in the past. We discovered this deer that is giving us some trouble trying to tell the age. We were wondering if you could help.



That’s a good looking buck!  It’s tough to accurately estimate the age of deer when part of their body is blocked by plants.  From what I can see it appears his neck merges well above where his chest meets his brisket.  HIs shoulders and hams don’t appear to be fully developed and his facial features are very fine (unscarred).  

These are all indicators the buck is likely 2 or 3 years old.  If he’s a 2 year old the buck has tremendous potential!  Even if he’s 3 years old he’s a great looking buck!  

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