How old is this buck from north Georgia?

By Grant Woods,

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Thank you for the helpful tips on bow hunting without a rangefinder you provided me last week! I will put those to use.

We have a new face on camera at my in-laws property in North Georgia. He just showed up this past Thursday! This shows us that our food plots are working.

What is the age of this deer?


It’s always exciting to check cameras and discover a nice buck where we hunt!  

This buck appears to have a very straight back and tight belly.  There’s no sign of this deer having a pot belly.  His legs appear long for his body. This is a sign that his chest or belly isn’t sagging – which makes a deer’s legs appear short. This buck’s neck merges with his chest well above his brisket. 

These are all indicators this buck is two or three years old.  He’s a dandy for the north Georgia Mountains!  (I used to live and hunt in the South Carolina Mountains.)

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