How old is this buck?

By Grant Woods,

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transferring my question from FB.

just wanted your opinion on age and size of this guy. He is my target shooter for the year. i have included the best and most recent pics of him. he is coming around more often so i am staying out of my areas and decreasing trail cam checking

I was guessing 4yr and 140+

thank you for all your help and all your research you provide

D. Brown


That’s a nice buck!  The last picture is the most useful for estimating the buck’s age. In this picture the buck is broadside to the camera and has his head up, but his neck is not extended.

In this picture it appears is his back and belly are fairly straight.  His chest doesn’t sag below where his shoulder meets his leg. His neck merges with his chest above his brisket and his ham and shoulder don’t appear fully developed.

I estimate this buck is three or four, and I’m leaning toward three. 

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