How old is this buck?

By Grant Woods,

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I am wondering if you have seen anything like this and if you could help me confirm the age of the buck I killed. This buck was definitely a fighter as he had lost an eye, broke the cartilage on one ear, and slit on the other ear, and a broken jaw. I believe this buck to be 5.5 years old but am not certain. Here are some pictures of his jaw bone.


That buck appeared to be a fighter – and maybe not a very good one!  He had a beautiful set of antlers! 

When deer have had a broken jaw, abscessed tooth, etc., it’s difficult to estimate the bucks age using the tooth wear and replacement system.  This is because we assume the bit pattern, etc., was altered and therefore the rate of tooth wear.  

Congratulations on a nice buck!

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February 8, 2016