How old is this buck?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Grant,

Robert Roush from the ground here again. I know my question about the buck I harvested was pretty long more of a story really. I know your prolly busy most of the time but if you took the time to read it I hope you enjoyed it, because I sure do appreciate the knowledge n stories you share with me; with me teachin my self it really helps alot. Considering I don’t use trail cams and that I hunt from the ground. But anyways my brother sent me a pic of a deer he got on trailcam and I’d like to know how old ya think it is.


Congratulations again on tagging a buck!

Either the buck in your picture isn’t standing on level ground or he has a very odd body shape.  Either way, I’m not confident I can accurately estimate this buck’s age.

Let me know if you get a picture of his buck where he’s posture is normal.

Enjoy creation,


November 12, 2015