How old is this buck?

By Grant Woods,

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How old is this deer? I am trying to learn more about aging a buck on the hoof. What tells you by these pictures? These were taken in central Arkansas. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for sharing these images with us and having the desire to learn how to age deer on the hoof. This skill will serve you well in the deer woods. 

After looking through these pictures I feel confident in saying this buck is 3.5 years old. The characteristics that allow me to make this determination would be the front legs and shoulders on this deer. First the front legs appear to be shorter for the body. This buck does not have large developed shoulders yet in these pictures. He will however develop them as he continues to mature. His neck will also continue down his brisket as they will join at the bottom of the brisket when he reaches 4.5 years old. 

As you continue to learn more about aging deer on the hoof, please feel free use the Ask Grant tab. There are new photos and posts daily that you can learn from. 

Thanks again for sharing! 

Growing deer together,