How old is this buck?

By Grant Woods,

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If you have time could you please tell me your thoughts on the age of the deer in the picture I have attached to this email? My daughter hunts regular with me and we are hoping to get her a trophy this year. We have several mature bucks on camera but I am interested in knowing the age of this one in particular as I believe it looks between the 4 – 5 year range. I am not real good at aging the deer yet but after watching a lot of the videos on management that you and your staff have released, I am trying to get better at it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Thanks for sharing these images with us and taking the time to share the outdoors with your daughter.  It is very important to continue to introduce children into the outdoors! 

After looking at photos of this buck, it appears he is 4.5 years old.  This buck’s neck appear to be thin, however it does connect to the bottom of his brisket, a sure sign of a mature buck. He also has a sweeping low belly line and a noticeable hump over the top of his front shoulders. 

I hope you and your daughter have a successful season! Be sure to share you successes with us!